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Race Prep Racing is a Simi Valley, CA based Ultra4 racing team. Jessi Combs has been a co-driver and driver in the last two King of the Hammers with this husband and wife team. 
Race Prep Racing is the team for Race Prep Hobbies. Driver Richie Carter with Co-driver and wife Kristen, are the owners, mechanics, and promoters of this grass-roots racing team. Representing "every man", they have proven that a very modest budget can compete in Ultra4. Richie volunteered at King of the Hammers 2009, co-drove for Tony Pellegrino in the Genright #805 car at KOH 2010, and co-drove for Kevin Sacalas in the #4435 "Big Ugly" car at the Colorado Hill Climb in 2010 before embarking on his own project. Wayne Israelsen of Alltech Motorsports built the buggy the Carter's currently compete in. The Carters have been wheeling for over a decade together, having built their 1997 Jeep TJ from the ground up. 

Race Prep Racing #4474 to Take the First Green Flag at King of the Hammers
Race Prep Racing’s Unlimited Ultra4 car #4474 will be the first pro class car to take the green flag during the famous King of the Hammers week held in Johnson Valley, CA February 3-9. Richie Carter, the three-time driver of the team’s Falken sponsored car will be the first to tackle the qualifier course on Tuesday morning when racing begins. The course remains a heavily guarded secret, but this premier starting position offers the team a clean race course, before the other 150+ racers have had a chance to dig it up and alter its difficulty. This could prove to be a huge advantage for this seasoned racer. CLICK TO READ MORE