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Molten Motorsports is a West Berlin, New Jersey based Ultra4 racing team. 
Driven by Tim Diekmann, this is the official racing team of Liquid Iron Industries. 
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Molten Motorsports Mens Hooded Sweatshirt
Price: $40.00
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Molten Motorsports Hooded Sweatshirt
Maroon Red Sweat Shirt featuring the Molten Motorsports logo on the front and sponsor logos on the back.

King of the Hammers 2013: Race Day
...We saw that Back Door had a line of about 10 cars so we decided to skip it and make our next pass. As we got out into the whoops going past Back Door we saw Mustard Dog and started to chase him down. As we slowly reeled him in, we had caught up to about 4 other cars. We made our way onto the dry lake bed as the helicopter swept across the front of us. Pedal to the floor, third gear and siren blaring we weaved through the 5 cars as the helicopter followed us 30’ off the deck...  CLICK TO READ MORE

King of the Hammers 2013: Part One 
...We tuned with Wayne in the wash for a few hours, made some minor changes on the bypasses and noticed a big improvement. Wayne also taught us that faster isn't necessarily better and that dropping 2 mph in the rough stuff made for a very controlled smooth ride. We adjusted the dual rate stops a bit more and Wayne made one last change and everything felt fantastic. He told us to hit the first lap and let him know what we think. After his wife made us some amazing grilled cheese we headed back to our garage to prep the car for Monday.

Monday morning at 6:30am we headed out to prerun. We planned to do as much as possible. The first 40 miles of the course was brutal, but Fred loved it...   CLICK TO READ MORE