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Join the Team – Add Your Team, Company or Event Series to our Website to Sell for Profits 

We Built the Store – To Help You Eliminate the Headaches of Shipping and Suffering High Store Costs

We Do the Work – All You Do is Send us an Initial Shipment of Product and Restock when Asked

We Supply Tools – We Build Graphics for Your Websites Home Page, Facebook and Our Website

You Tell Your Fans – We Give You Marketing Tools and Suggestions and You Take Them to Market

We Send You Money – Quarterly Checks Cut for Sales During Previous Quarter


Email Charlene@BowerMedia.com  or Call 714-394-1716 to Proceed

1.  You Send Us Product

Consignment Stock of 3* pieces Per Item, Per Size goes into Stock.  We will contact you when we are out of a size and have you ship us a full refill of all sizes.  This keeps your shipping to the store minimal. * 3 minimum, may require more

1.5  We Ask For Information

While the shirts are in USPS or UPS hands', we send you a quick sheet to fill out.  It will give us all the information that we need to put a great page together on the website.  It will also have the billing information so we can process your payments quickly.

2.  We Post on Store

We take pictures, account for quality of product and utilize drop down menus for available colors and sizes.  We set up a page with a link specifically for your Team that can be used in marketing.

3.  Lets Get to Selling

We will utilize your logo  and product pictures to build graphics for our outlets and yours.  Web and print projects.  We help sell, but ultimate success comes as YOU tell your Fans where they can Support your team.

Time to Blow Out Inventory of Old Stock?    Events Left With Stock of Merchandise?
Don’t let the old Compete with Your New Styles.  We Can Set Special Blow Out Pricing

Need Shirts Printed or  Graphics Design at Reasonable Cost?  We can Help & Have Your Interest in Mind!

The Store Occasionally has Opportunities to Display at Shows and Events.  Inquire About Going on the Road!

Get more information and pricing structure by contacting Charlene Bower direct.  Charlene@BowerMedia.com or 714-394-1716

"Everyone is welcome in my house"